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How do I return a parcel?

Firstly, you will need to check with your sender that you are able to send a return via Yodel or our CollectPlus Returns service. You will be able to see this on the sender's website.

If you are able to return via Yodel or CollectPlus Returns, then check if you have already been sent the documents and labels you will need to return your item to your sender. If you haven't you will need to get in touch with the sender to request these. 

Via Yodel Returns service

You will need to contact your sender to arrange for a Yodel collection from your address. At this point, you can request that our driver brings a label to attach to your return if you are unable to provide one yourself or if the parcel didn't have a returns label inside. 

On the morning of your collection, you will need to have your parcel packaged and ready for collection. Your Returns collection can take place anytime between 7am-9pm however you will be provided with a two-hour collection window on the morning of the collection.

You will be able to follow your Returns journey back to your sender via our tracking page.


Via CollectPlus Returns service

Firstly, check if you have been provided with a CollectPlus Returns label within your parcel. If you have, attach the label to your Return and take your parcel to your local CollectPlus Point. You can find your local Point here

If your sender has not provided a Returns label then you will have to get in touch with them to provide you with either a label to attach to your Return or a QR code. Take your parcel and your QR code to your local CollectPlus Point who will be able to provide a label for you to attach to your Return.

You can track your CollectPlus return here

How do I package my return parcel?

If your parcel has come in packaging suitable for a return then follow the instructions given by the parcel's sender. However, if you need further guidance on how to package your return, then our packaging guidelines should help you.

If you are using the original packaging that your parcel was sent in then please ensure the original labels are removed, covered-up or crossed out.


Is there a cost to return a parcel?

This will depend on your sender. You will need to check with your parcel's sender to find out.


How long will my return take?

That depends on your sender

The return of your parcel via Yodel or CollectPlus Returns will take no more than a couple of days but the sender will have their own process in terms of replacements, refunds or otherwise. These can take longer and you'll need to speak to the sender to understand their timescales.


How will I know when my item has been returned?

Head to our tracking page and enter your Return's parcel number and you will be able to track your parcel's return back to your sender.


Can I track my return?

Yes - of course

All parcels sent through the Yodel network can be tracked.

Your Return's tracking number will be on the returns label that your sender has supplied or that our driver may have given to you. Once the parcel has been collected, you can use this tracking number to check your parcel's return back to the sender on our tracking page


Can I get a collection time slot for my parcel collection?

You will receive a two-hour collection window on the morning of your collection. Collections will take place between 7am-9pm.


Can I take my return item to a CollectPlus store instead?

You may be able to return your parcel via our CollectPlus Returns service. Check with your parcel's sender if you are able to do so.


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