Annual Delivery Subscriptions

We know what shoppers will pay for annual delivery

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5 key facts about unlimited annual delivery subscriptions

1. Three quarters of online shoppers are aware of delivery subscription models, but only one-third have ever signed up to one.

2. Of those shoppers who have a subscription, 78% use Amazon, 27% a grocery store and 11% a young fashion brand. 

3. 40% of online shoppers are interested in an annual subscription model for next day delivery. This increases to a staggering 68% for under-35s.

4. There are four key messages to tempt online shoppers to sign up to a delivery subscription: Next day delivery, Convenience, Value, Free Returns

5. £9.99 is a real threshold for online shoppers with 34% agreeing they would be Very Likely to subscribe to a next day delivery subscription model at this price point. At a price of £12.99, this drops significantly to just 17%.


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