Yodel Driver & Courier Cookie Policy


Yodel Driver & Courier Cookie Policy

We, Yodel Delivery Network Limited ("Yodel", "we", "us") use certain technologies on our mobile application (the "App") to collect, stores and access information about your device and your use of the App. Information about how we use your personal information is available in the App Privacy Policy

The purpose of this Policy is to provide you with information about the use of these technologies in connection with the App. 

For some of these technologies, where they are considered non-essential to the functioning of the App, we will require your consent before we can use the information stored and accessed by the technologies.  In particular, we require your consent to conduct analytics regarding your use of the App.  This will be requested from you when you first download the App.

Please note that if you refuse or later withdraw your consent to allow us to use these technologies, this may result in you being unable to access the App, and therefore unable to provide services to Yodel.


We use the following technologies which store and access information about your use of the App and your device:

  • Strictly necessary: Some of the technologies we use are strictly necessary for the operation of the App.  These include technologies which allow you to login to secure areas of the App.  We do not require your express consent to use these technologies.
  • Performance / Analytics: This allows us to recognise you as a user and how you move around the App when you are using it.  This helps us to improve the way the App works, for example, by helping us identify:
  • design flaws in the App;
  • where additional guidance and training on use of the App may be required;
  • common causes for App faults;
  • where the App is not performing as expected (in terms of user experience); and
  • how we can continue to improve the functionality and efficiency of the App.


You can find more information about the individual technologies we use and the purposes for which we use them below:

  • UX Cam is a third-party analytics engine which collects login usernames, screenshots (with sensitive fields redacted); tracking events and App crash logs.  This is used to help us better understand how the App is used and to help us identify common flaws.

o   For more information see UX Cam’s privacy and security guidelines: https://help.uxcam.com/hc/en-us

  • AsyncStorage - Async storage is used to store data on the mobile application database. The data being stored includes tour data for supporting working offline and all messages that are pending to be sent to the backend application (tracking event data).

o    For more information see https://facebook.github.io/react-native/docs/asyncstorage


  • React Native Geolocation is a third-party library to allow the App to detect location in a battery efficient way. The data is stored within the App and is critical to the capture of location in the provision of services to us. No data is transmitted to the library provider.

o    For more information see: