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Our client Net Promoter Score has soared by 21 points in six months

Our most recent survey has shown huge growth in the number of clients who would recommend our services.

Continually enhancing and improving our offering is at the heart of everything we do at Yodel and this is helping us to deliver some outstanding results.

For the last three years, we’ve carried out an in-depth retailer survey every six months. This has seen us speak with over 500 clients - helping us to get close and gain a deeper understanding of what we can do to deliver an optimum experience. The results of our latest survey offer tangible proof that this approach is working.

Our client’s Net Promoter Score has risen by 21 points in the last six months and by a significant 44 points in the last three years. We were also delighted to learn that over 54 per cent of our clients have witnessed a marked improvement in our service over the last six months.

This positive NPS growth has been driven by real improvements in our business relationships – we’ve witnessed a significant 10 per cent increase in satisfaction across this area. Clients said we were good at building relationships, easy to do business with, and crucially, they felt we helped them to build their businesses.  Alongside this, we’ve also seen a 17 per cent lift in satisfaction with our service levels over three years.

The best in class insight and reporting service we deliver to our clients, through tools such as Report Centre and Have Your Say, is a real differentiator. This has helped us to achieve a 16 per cent higher satisfaction score than the rest of the industry in this area. 

We’re committed to deepening our industry relationships and creating an unbeatable experience for anyone who interacts with our business.  In order to achieve these aims, we actively seek out feedback from people across our client and supplier base.

Ensuring we’re listening and proactively responding to feedback is ongoing process and gives us a clear understanding of what we do well and where we need to improve. It’s also an invaluable tool that helps us to measure the impact of any changes we put in place.

The experience has been overwhelmingly positive – helping us to identify key areas of development led by customer feedback. As a result, we’re developing the capability to explore new areas that we feel would add value. This includes offerings like in-flight diversion, which 80 per cent of customers surveyed have said they would be interested in. These insights are helping us to continue to innovate and improve to drive the customer experience and in turn, help retailers to grow and deepen connection with their key markets.

A commitment to continual improvement is right at the core of our business and it is driving real results in the strength and quality of our business relationships. Most importantly, we’re pleased and proud to see that the work we do is helping our customers to build their businesses.

We would like to thank everyone who’s taken the time to participate in our surveys and share their experiences with us.

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