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Our new driver tracking map is live

We’re excited to announce the launch of our driver tracking  map feature on our website - one of a host of brand new features we’re introducing to enable shoppers to stay up to speed with the location of their parcels.

Our new delivery tracking feature is best experienced through the Yodel Xpect service and allows shoppers to follow where the driver delivering their parcel currently is in their local area, keeping shoppers informed on their delivery right to their doorstep.

This new service has just gone live on Yodel.co.uk on our tracking page and the app will follow suit with the driver map going live on there in a few weeks’ time.

Over the past couple of weeks, we have been asking shoppers to leave their feedback on our Have Your Say customer feedback survey and we have already had some great customer comments while trialling the feature:

They told us that they liked using the map to monitor the driver’s route and this combined with having the ability to track the driver by number of deliveries left before their own allowed them to plan their day’s activities.

Other customers commented that they liked using the feature to show them where the driver was and could ensure that someone was in to receive the parcel.

Continuously making deliveries more convenient

We have also introduced functionality recently that enables us to add the retailer’s logo and name to the tracking page. This ensures we are seamlessly continuing the shopper’s brand journey and making it clear exactly which parcel they are tracking.

This is just one of the ways we’re working to make deliveries more convenient and allows shoppers to identify what parcel is arriving when they have multiple parcels on the way

Our parcel countdown service is another handy feature, while Xpect customers benefit from our two-hour delivery window service, which lets them know when a parcel is due to arrive ahead of time, the parcel countdown let’s shoppers know how many parcels will be delivered before their own, giving them an expectation of when their parcel will be delivered so customers can plan their days.

Safety of our colleagues and shoppers is paramount so for their safety and security, the locations depicted on the map are approximate however this feature is the next step in our journey to improve shoppers’ delivery experience.

We’ve got a host of handy delivery features going live soon

The delivery driver map tracker feature is part of our brand new Inflight service, which is launching later this year. Inflight will enable all customers to control their delivery at every step, offering them the option to amend their delivery preferences right up to the point of delivery. A huge range of inflight options to choose from – including change of address to change of delivery date - will mean shoppers will be able to receive their parcels where and when it suits them.

Look out for more great feature releases coming soon over enter your details in the form on the right-hand side to learn more about this and all of our other exciting features.

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