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A seamless brand journey is at the heart of our new Xperience Service

We’re excited to be launching our new integrated service, which enables retailers to own every step of the online, customer journey 

Consistency is key to brand loyalty

We know customers are loyal to the brands they love and brand engagement, familiarity and trust are the foundations on which outstanding customer experiences are built.  

Consistency is a key ingredient when curating a rewarding brand experience and delivering a retail journey that hits the high notes for shoppers, and we’re incredibly excited to be launching our new Xperience service, which really responds to this demand.

Xperience – what’s it all about?

Xperience offers a new dimension of customer engagement that gives retailers the option to curate a fully retailer-branded customer journey, providing a seamless experience from order to post-delivery.

Crucially, Xperience delivers real time data exchange between our network and retailers and through our bespoke API suite retailers are able to integrate tracking information from our network across their channels

Feedback gained through our Have Your Say customer feedback survey highlights an incredibly positive response to the Xperience concept; over 91 per cent of the shoppers we surveyed said they would be interested in tracking their parcel directly through the retailer’s website.

Xperience enables brands to deliver a completely consistent presence, creating a single, familiar point of contact that avoids any ‘information blackout’ between retailer and carrier and enables customers to track parcels from brand portals they recognise and trust.

The branded messaging covers email and text across customer touchpoints along the journey and

retailers can select from multiple templates and control the content their customers see –reinforcing the retailer’s brand throughout the online buying process.

Delivering an unbeatable customer experience

Xperience also enables retailers to handle all queries through the dedicated API suite.Shoppers we surveyed really liked this approach, with a significant 78 per cent saying they were interested in having their delivery query handled by the retailer.

Alongside the consistent brand presence, Xperience also enables retailers to take delivery customer service in-house, creating a full customer service offering at retailer level – deepening customer connection and ensuring a single, seamless customer service contact. This consistency drives improved customer satisfaction, which is boosted by anticipatory monitoring and enhanced communication with customers.

Brand loyalty is a personal connection that often overrides cost or convenience. By putting the customer experience at the very heart of the retail journey, retailers are able to curate a truly seamless brand experience – delivering optimum customer satisfaction and increased brand allegiance.

Find out more about how you can own your shoppers online experience from point of purchase through to the doorstep by entering your details on your right-hand side.

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