HSEQ Policy statement

The CEO and executive board are committed to the health, safety and welfare of all employees, business partners, contractors and visitors to Yodel. The company is committed to reducing our impact on the environment through our activities.  The company will endeavour to deliver the very best service to customers and clients.

The Scope of our Management Systems:

  • The collection, sortation and dispatch of parcels for onward transmission to service centres for preparation and final mile delivery. The collection, transmission, sortation and delivery back to sender of returned parcels.

This Policy has five principle objectives:

  • Create and maintain a healthy workplace for all to enjoy
  • A commitment to strive towards a zero accident culture and the prevention of occupational injuries
  • Create and deliver an exceptional client and customer service
  • Reduce our impact on the environment and prevent pollution
  • A commitment to the continual improvement of the Health and Safety, Quality Management Systems and Environmental Management System with focus given to enhance environmental performance

In order to achieve these targets Yodel will:

  • Provide and maintain safe systems of work, policies and procedures
  • Provide (where appropriate) information, supervision and training to enable all employees to carry out their roles safely and effectively
  • Monitor and appropriately investigate all accidents and incidents and prevent re-occurrence with appropriate action
  • Ensure all business areas are audited periodically, in accordance with the company standards and external customer requirements
  • To comply with and where possible, exceed all applicable health, safety and environmental laws
  • Carry out appropriate risk assessments of the company’s activities to ensure continuous improvements in the health and safety of its employees and compliance with applicable legislation
  • Appropriately communicate and promote consultation on environmental, health and safety matter with employees
  • Regularly evaluate and monitor past and present business activities and measure the effectiveness of quality of service, environmental compliance and the health and safety culture within the company
  • Deliver our customer’s parcels to them On Time, in great Condition, always show our customers a great Attitude and keep our customers Informed about their deliveries
  • Create a behavioural safety culture led by senior management
  • Review this policy annually and set annual objectives as a part of working towards the company HSEQ Strategy and annual HSEQ Plan
  • Provide adequate resource for the promotion of HSEQ including, access to competent advice from internal and external sources
  • Promote the total commitment of this policy to all employees in the company. This policy is available on request to customers, external bodies and interested parties.


  Andrew Peeler – CEO              Carl Moore – COO

  January 2019           

  Version 6