Yodel's Brexit update

Here at Yodel, we will keep you updated with the necessary information and guidance, and work with you to ensure you are post-Brexit prepared.

In December 2019, the UK Government voted in agreement for a new Brexit deal, which meant that the 31st January 2020 saw the UK leave the EU, and the beginning of the transition period as stated in the Withdrawal Agreement.

This transition period ended at midnight on the 31st December 2020, with the UK no longer a member of the EU.

Following this, there are certain requirements on all shipments between the UK and EU, and GB and NI. Official guidance has been published by HMRC, advising of these requirements for express parcel carriers, i.e. Yodel.


Shipments to Northern Ireland

  • HMRC have a temporary ‘declaration requirements’ approach, in place until the 31st March 2021. These temporary measures will help to alleviate any operational challenges
  • For the shipment of goods deemed ‘not at risk’, there will not be a customs declaration process enforced, until the 1st April 2021
  • If you’re a retailer that ships ‘at risk’ goods, from the 1st January 2021 you are still required to provide Yodel with relevant data fields – once the Government finalises their list of ‘At Risk’ goods, we will share this with you
  • To ensure your parcels comply with the new customs policy, we will require the additional data fields to be available and signed off before the 1st April 2021
  • Shipments to NI will be carried out by our international delivery partners DG International, using their Pro Carrier software


Shipments to Europe, including ROI

  • Shipments to Europe and ROI will be treated as an international parcel via our international delivery partners, DG International
  • There is now a requirement to provide additional data for each parcel in order to comply with the new customs declaration process and policy
  • Our shipping tool specification has been successfully updated to include the provision of the new data fields
  • Parcels received into our network which don’t comply with the new customs process will be returned to sender
  • We have listed out the required processes to follow when exporting to the EU within our Brexit guide, and for more information on the export of goods from the UK, please visit https://www.gov.uk/export-goods


At Yodel, we are working closely with the relevant government departments to understand any changes as they happen, so we can react and communicate to our clients. At this point, we are working towards the same requirements as set out in our latest Brexit guide, please continue to work towards these instructions.

The Yodel Brexit team continues to support you through this transition and if you require any assistance relating to the additional data fields, or pre-advice testing, please contact BrexIT@yodel.co.uk.