Yodel Testimonials

Read what our clients have been saying about us.

Yodel Testimonials

Feedback is a key measurement of success and a way for us to identify areas for improvement. Our 'Have Your Say' customer satisfaction survey drives change throughout our business. Below is just some of the feedback we have received from our clients.

Pasta Evangelists

We worked with Pasta Evangelists for their first Peak with Yodel. They were impressed with the service received in the lead up to, and during the busy festive period as demand for their fresh pasta boxes increased.

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"Demand for our fresh pasta recipe boxes soared last year and Yodel’s expertise in handling food made them a hugely valued partner, especially throughout lockdowns and the busy holiday season. They consistently go the extra mile to meet customer expectations and we look forward to working with them to bring our fresh boxes to more homes in the year ahead."

Alessandro Savelli

Founder and CEO, Pasta Evangelists

Abloom Ltd - Simply Wood

We worked with Abloom Ltd - Simply Wood, to help integrate them into our Xpect service, and will continue looking at what we can do to help them going forward.

Read more about what Abloom Ltd - Simply Wood said about Yodel

"What a year, none of us has seen anything as fast changing and demanding as 2020. 

Our Yodel account management has been outstanding, no matter the situation they have been there, and talked us through and resolved any issues. Informed us of changes, how to deal with certain large jobs, how to proceed in circumstances none of us have been through before. A true personal touch, assisting with our business and being a part of our team, exactly what we need to be successful. 

We were integrated into the Xpect service this year, this new product from the parcel input, collection through to the delivery to our customer is amazing. The IT tracking and traceability is the best we have seen, the customers can use the Inflight options which reduce emails and calls into our busy service desk. Our customer service levels have increased dramatically because of Xpect, helping to improve our online metrics on all of our selling platforms and increasing repeat sales as our customers purchase with confidence for a seamless delivery. 

Yodel are a fantastic service provider, always looking at what is next to improve the whole logistics process of our parcels."

Ian Thirsk

Director, Abloom Ltd - Simply Wood


We worked with Marshalls to increase their parcel capacity since they have grown both their live plant and garden accessory offerings.

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"Marshalls and Yodel have been working together for the last 15 years.  Throughout, Yodel have supported the changes we’ve experienced in product mix, allowing us to grow both our live plant and garden accessory offering and have become a key delivery partner for us.  During the recent COVID-19 pandemic, Marshalls saw a huge surge in order volumes and we’re really pleased with the support we received from our Yodel account manager and the rest of the Yodel team to help us deliver gardening products to our customers during this difficult time.  Yodel worked with us to increase our parcel capacity into the delivery network and the service performance we received for these parcels was in excess of 99%.  We look forward to continuing this strong partnership into 2021 and beyond."

Michelle Kenna

General Manager, Marshalls


Missguided needed to keep ahead of their competitors, delivering a service catered to their specific customer needs.

Read more about what Missguided said about Yodel

"Having partnered with Yodel since 2015, Missguided have enjoyed a consistently reliable service combined with a complete understanding of our business and our customers’ needs. This understanding was very much apparent when we worked collaboratively to create Missguided’s ‘Friday Night Girl’ and ‘Saturday Night Girl’ services, which allowed our customers to select pre-noon deliveries on set days. This allowed Missguided to keep ahead of our competitors by delivering a service tailored to our specific customer needs. 

The effortless relationship we enjoy with our Client Director allowed this opportunity to happen and as a partnership, we’re open and honest and share information collaboratively for the good of both businesses. The recent introduction of Yodel’s client portal, eRin, further embraces transparency on Yodel’s part and showcases how Yodel is investing in improving the delivery experience. 

Going forward, I’m looking forward to developing the relationship further in order to get to a perfect delivery proposition."

Karl Harwood

Head of Distribution & Supply Chain, Missguided


Selazar aim to provide their customers with a fantastic delivery experience, both in the UK and further afield.

Read more about what Selazar said about Yodel

"We always recommend Yodel to our eCommerce customers.  Our end-to-end fulfilment solution relies heavily on the high standard and quality service provided by Yodel.  We have recently added international deliveries to our offering and Yodel could not have been more helpful in facilitating this process.  Our aim is to provide excellent service while keeping costs low, and by partnering with Yodel, our customers have access to a high quality, affordable and trustworthy courier.”

Jack Williams

CEO, Selazar


Read more about Selazar's service offering here

Nova Blooms

Nova Blooms needed a delivery partner to support their growth from sending flowers, to fresh produce.

Read more about what Nova Blooms said about Yodel

“After working with Yodel for many years whilst in other roles, I was aware of the great service provided, especially for flowers. After setting up Nova Blooms in the Summer of 2019, I got in touch with Yodel & we have worked well together ever since.

Our Account Manager is extremely supportive and whenever we have a new idea on how to expand our service, she is always on hand to advise. When we approached her with our idea of expanding into delivering fruit & vegetable boxes, she was enormously helpful. Since then, we have grown from sending 1 box a day to 1,000 a day.

The setup to send fresh food boxes was simple as we were already sending through the network so we could start shipping straight away. The success of the fruit & vegetable box service has encouraged Nova Blooms to expand our product offering with fresh meat & bread, soon to be included. Through collaborative working with Yodel, we are confident that our customers will continue to be delighted with their fresh food being delivered directly to their door.”

Take a look at the Nova Blooms website here.

Iionel Lucaci

Director, Novablooms.com

Serenata Flowers

Serenata Flowers needed a partner to ensure a high quality, next day delivery service for their customers.

Read more about what Serenata Flowers said about Yodel

“Valentine’s Day is one of our most important gifting occasions of the year and Yodel’s excellent service has enabled us to have another hugely successful year. Yodel helped us safely deliver tens of thousands of fresh bouquets from romantics across the UK. They run a tight ship, sending supervisors to our warehouses to ensure all trailers leave on time and provide real-time tracking for our customers. Mother’s Day is our biggest gifting occasion and is rapidly approaching; with Yodel’s help, we're confident this year will be another roaring success.”

Take a look at Serenata Flowers website here

Martin Johansson

Managing Director, Serenataflowers.com



eflorist needed a carrier to help succeed in reaching their Mother's Day customer service goals

Read more about what eflorist said about Yodel

Valentine's Day is one of our most crucial times of the year at eFlorist. This Valentine's Day Yodel made a real difference for us with a record amount of deliveries and were a key partner in enabling us to grow our business by 20% YOY."

Have a look at eflorist's range here

Paul Isaia,

UK Regional Director at eflorist


Yodel worked with us to create a suite of delivery options to suit our shoppers' needs. 

Read more about what tails.com said about Yodel

"Yodel worked with us to create a suite of delivery options that suit our shoppers.  Through collaborative working, we were able to implement scalable operational strategies that benefit our business and our customers as we grow.

Yodel have consistently exceeded expectations through proactively suggesting new ideas and approaches that we can take advantage of including process changes that tails.com could implement to allow for a smoother experience and improved customer service for our shoppers. 

Having access to Yodel’s Have Your Say programme allows us to monitor that our customers are consistently receiving the best possible experience from the partnership".

Caroline Curtis,
Supply Chain Manager at tails.com.


Arena Flowers

Arena Flowers needed full support during their busy Valentine's and Mother's Day periods.

Read more about what Arena Flowers said about Yodel

"I fully appreciate that this is a challenging day for you all so briefly wanted to place on record our appreciation for the support you've provided Arena across the past 48-72 hours. I think I'm correct in saying that we hit every single trailer slot booked and loaded each one ahead of schedule, despite this being our biggest ever week. 

This is remarkable and reflects not only the tightly run operation in our business but also the excellent support provided by your team on the ground and that should be acknowledged.

I hope you're able to reflect on a job well done later today, as the final consignments are successfully delivered"

You can check out Arena Flowers range here.

John Hackett,

Managing Director, Arena Flowers Ltd.


Laithwaite's Wine

 Yodel have always been the best carrier at delivering our products.

Read more about what Laitwaite's Wine said about Yodel

‘Yodel have always been the best carrier at delivering our products.

We see a very low number of damages that have decreased continuously throughout our relationship, which were enabled with the help and support of Yodel’s operational team and our account manager.

We have an evolving and honest, developing relationship, which enables us to work together to improve the service we provide our customers’

Andy Hawker

Head of Logistics, Laithwaite's Wine


In 2015, after probably one of the hardest peak seasons encountered, we quickly realised we needed another UK carrier to work alongside us to ensure our customers receive a good delivery service.

Read more about what Footasylum said about Yodel

"In 2015, after probably one of the hardest peak seasons encountered, we quickly realised we needed another UK carrier to work alongside us to ensure our customers receive a good delivery service.

After meeting with various carriers we opted for Yodel because of the team's attention to detail and understanding of our customers' needs.

When we partnered with Yodel in April 2016 we quickly noticed that deliveries were more than meeting our expectations, which in turn resulted in less customer contact due to Yodel's excellent tracking detail.

We have the full support of the Yodel customer services team, which really helps our own customer services department deal with any queries that we receive.

All collection times have been met with no real issues and we have had excellent support throughout our peak period even at times when we thought this was not possible.

Yodel is always looking at ways to improve our delivery and support us 100%.

Our account manager is always on hand and no task is too big or small."


Liz Edden, Internet Manager, Footasylum


Shop Direct

Yodel’s innovative approach to finding solutions for today’s busy shopper helps to keep us ahead of the pack.

Read more about what Shop Direct said about Yodel

"As the UK’s second largest pureplay etailer, we know that a positive delivery experience is vital to ensuring customer loyalty. Yodel’s innovative approach to finding solutions for today’s busy shopper helps to keep us ahead of the pack as we strive to become a world class digital retailer."

Chris Haighton,
Head of Customer Service Transformation, Shop Direct


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