CSV Bulk Shipping Tools

List your items on ecommerce website as quickly as possible

CSV Bulk Shipping Tools

Bulk uploading product information allows you to quickly list items on any ecommerce website  One of the most widely used tools for doing this is to compile a spreadsheet using CSV files.

What Is A CSV File?

In a CSV file, the different lines of information are separated by a single comma. This means files which contain information on products and address details can be uploaded to a website in the shortest possible time.

A CSV file is generally much smaller than a standard database file, so can be uploaded much more quickly to a website.

Upload Your CSV

At YodelDirect, our CSV Bulk Shipping Tool is a massive help when you have large quantities of parcels to dispatch. Your business can simply upload data from your own sales information to our system.

This means that we can directly take the information from your own customer name and address files, and use those to ensure that every parcel is sent using the data from your records.

When speed of dispatch is vital to your business' reputation, and you need to ensure that your parcels are processed as quickly and accurately as possible, your YodelDirect CSV Bulk Shipping Tool offers the shortest route to reliable deliveries, time after time.