World Book Night

Delivering thousands of books across the UK to encourage reading

World Book Night

Every year on Shakespeare’s birthday, 23 April, national charity, The Reading Agency, distributes hundreds of thousands of books across the UK to encourage people to read as part of World Book Night.

World Book Night wouldn’t be possible without the support of thousands of volunteers who distribute the books in their communities. Since the event was launched in 2011, over 56,000 volunteers have given books to more than two million people as part of the scheme.


World Book Night is an extraordinary event designed to spread the power and love of reading by sharing and gifting books. It is delivered through a strong partnership between bookshops, libraries and communities, connecting great books and stories with the people whose lives might be changed by reading them.

Sue Wilkinson CEO of The Reading Agency:

As the official logistics partner since 2013, Yodel is proud to play a key role in bringing World Book Night to life. We have delivered hundreds of thousands of books to 2,000 bookshops and library collection points around the country for the volunteers to collect and distribute.

Dick Stead, Yodel’s executive chairman, is fully committed to the cause:

“We are delighted to partner with World Book Night, literally helping The Reading Agency to ‘spread the word’. We currently handle over 3.5 million book deliveries on behalf of publishers, retail chains  and hundreds of independent booksellers each  year and we’re delighted to once again offer our expertise to support this fantastic cause and  encourage more people to discover the simple joy that reading can bring.”


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