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Growing your business or sending multiple parcels at once? YodelDirect is the right service for you

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In the early stages of running a business? Do you often need to send multiple parcels at once?

Yodel values customers who send parcels on a regular basis and we aim to make the process as smooth and efficient for you as we possibly can. Yodel's frequent senders use our YodelDirect service.

We like to reward our YodelDirect customers, so if you are sending multiple parcels at the same time you will benefit from our multi-parcel discount prices. YodelDirect has many tools that can help you make your life easier, such as our bulk shipping tools for eBay and Amazon. Click below to find out more.



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Whether you're sending someone you love a parcel or starting a new business we have the perfect service for you.

YodelDirect Services

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