It's come to our attention that emails and letters have been sent to the public claiming to be from Yodel with the subject "We missed you" and a request to download a shipping label. These have not originated at Yodel and we're working with the authorities to take action against them. If you have any concerns or have input any information into these websites please contact Action Fraud.

Yodel's Seasonal customer service times

The festive season is upon us!

Here to help

If you need to chat to us over the festive period, here are all the important opening times you need to be aware of.

We have opened web chat 24/7 to make sure you always have someone available to chat to. Visit our contact page.

Date Web Chat Telephone Twitter
Friday 18th December Open - 24/7 08:00-19:00 08:00-22:00
Saturday 19th December Open - 24/7  09:00-17:00  09:00-17:00 
Sunday 20th December Open - 24/7 09:00-13:00  09:00-13:00 
Monday 21st December Open - 24/7 08:00-19:00  08:00-22:00
Tuesday 22nd December Open - 24/7 08:00-19:00  08:00-22:00
Wednesday 23rd December Open - 24/7 08:00-19:00  08:00-22:00 
Thursday 24th December Open - 00:00-19:00 08:00-19:00  08:00-19:00 
Friday 25th December Closed - Merry Christmas  Closed  Closed 
Saturday 26th December Closed Closed  Closed 
Sunday 27th December Closed Closed  Closed 
Monday 28th December Open - 09:00-13:00 Closed 09:00-13:00 
Tuesday 29th December Open - 08:00-22:00  08:00-19:00 08:00-22:00 
Wednesday 30th December Open - 08:00-22:00 08:00-19:00  08:00-22:00 
Thursday 31st December Open - 08:00-19:00  08:00-19:00  08:00-19:00 
Friday 1st January Closed - Happy New Year Closed  Closed 
Saturday 2nd January Open - 09:00-13:00 09:00-13:00 09:00-13:00 
Sunday 3rd January  Closed Closed  Closed 



HERE 24/7

Yodel's web chat team are working 24/7 this Christmas. Come and chat

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