Our Investments

Yodel understands that continued investment is key to progressing and innovating within the industry

Parcel volumes increase 13% year on year

To cope with the increased demand, we have made key investments in our business, including;

Service Centres

We have recently opened 5 new ‘super’ Service Centres in Alfreton, Farnborough, Northampton, Livingston, and Selby. Each centre has been chosen for proximity to major motorways and town centres to enable us to run our deliveries efficiently. This has also created 160 new jobs, from drivers to support workers. We have plans to continue our investment and open additional service cerntres in the future.


Investment in our vehicles is essential to the smooth running and efficiency of our business. We have focused on investing in eco-start Mercedes, which have a greater fuel economy and help to reduce our carbon footprint. We have also added double deck trailers and more Yodel branded vehicles to our fleet.

Digital Improvements

Every year we continue to develop our IT. This year our website and customer communication have been a key focus for us.